• Claudio Bozzini former Inter Milan goalkeeper. Now Roma youth coach .

  • Egypt 2018 World cup starting 11.

We are out very early. Do you or youare Company wants to be part of this occations? My retirement game from international football. Bringing the stars to Sweden. Call us and be part of the sponsors to bring some of the Worlds former and current top players to Hörnösand to play in my testimonial match on the 14th of July 2019. Players like Ghana international and 2 time world cup participant Anthony Annan annan, Michael Essien, Romanian striker Cristi Bud, 4 times winner of Romanian and Moldovan league /cup. Djurgården and Ösk striker Kenedy Igboananike, Former Real madrid and Arsenal player Emmanuel Adebayor ? Former Egyptian striker Aboutrika Former Hammerby snd Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingson, former Australian National Striker Mile Sterjovski Australien goalkeeper @Mark Schwarzer, Former Roma player Ahmed Barruso, Former Ugandan national Captain Massa G Judith Abdulwaheed Titiloye Former Härnösands ff defender AbdulRahman Bangura Kurt Wachter President of FOOTBALL AGAINST RASISM Member of UEFA FIFA. WORLD OF FOOTBALL, And many more. Coaches to be expected Will be former Roma, Brescia, Milan Sampdoria, (Seria A ) player and the coach that won the Romanian cup and super cup, withh Dinamo the coach that qualified Zambia to the ANC, Dario Bonetti also IVANO Bonetti with more than 200games in Serie A, former Milan and Ravena Goalkeeper Bozzini Claudio , Alexandro Birindelli, with more than 5 seasons in Juventus. Mohammed Aboutrika,, One of Egypts and Africas best midfielders of all time .my former goalkeeper coach I My former coach in Egypt Captain Helmi Tulan one of Egypts most respected coaches. Will be going Into Full time professional coaching and player managements after this. Be part of the sponsorship to bring this top stars. Call 0046705560904 or send us a private message through my website, Williamamamoo.se call and be part of the planing commitee.Thank you.

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Kind regards

William Amamoo

The Black Panther.

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The transfare season in Sweden is always different from that of other countries, that is why the three time award winner decided not to sign and wait for 2 monthes.

Would have been difficult.

It would have been difficult for a club to release me during the summer so its the reason why i decided to be out for 2 monthes after my contract.

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Fitness test 2016

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