NEEWS OF 15TH SEPTEMBER 2018. As the Division 2 team of HFF has gone very tough för the club, without wining 16 straight games, both trainers went on holidays and William Amamoo the under 19 coach of the same club who just won 2 titles last month and this month for the club as a coach , was asked to step in while they were away. And this turned to be the tidning point för the club. The Blackpanther and 7 times Award wining former goalkeeper won the first game för the club against no other club, but their bitterest rival IFK TIMRÅ Away from home. William Amamoo has problem that he was not Only a good goalkeeper during hos playing days, but also a good trainer.

NEWS OF SEPTEMBER 2018. William Amamoo. The 7 times award wining goalkeeper, just won the Under 19 league title with HFF in Sweden and this means he is the first coach in this league to successfully defending the U 19 League title.

JULY 2018 NEWS . William Amamoo, The The 7 times award wining goalkeeper, this week won the mid Nordic cup with the Under 19 team of HFF. This becoming the first trainer to win this competition in the history of the team. Willi Am Amamoo proved that he is he is not just a force to recon with during hos playing days, but also a force to recorn with in his coaching career.

Thr 33 year old active goalkeeper also holds a goalkeeper training licence also A trainer Licence for Youth . The three time goalkeeper of the year award winner said this certificates are important during his active career so it can be of useful after his active career in 2023.