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The Panther jumps gets me ready for the week.

Fitness is very important for goalkeepers.

Stability and Co-ordination is one of the most important for goalkeepers

A goalkeeper has to get in the best possible of shapes every week.

Everything that goes into preparing a goalkeeper in the gym.

Working on the Power for jumping every week.

How i prepared myself every week for games in the gym.

From today, my fans will have the opportunity to see what i put in Before and after every game. This morning it was runing for over 40 minutes without weights. But this evening was runing with 1KG weight on my my legs for almost 40 minutes direct to the raining grounds. And at the training grounds, i had goalkeepers training with my goalkeeper coach of my former club, and as usuall he was fantastic. I Always enjoy training with him.

This mornings training was a 20 minutes runing , then 40 times up and down the staircase to build my Balance and strength.

After the workout on the staircase, then was time for my favourite training. Jumping on what you see in the picture. Jumping is my favourite because as you have noticed in my match videos , i controll my box , which is my office.