To parents who cant afford huge sums and goalkeepers Females/målet, who want to be professionals but do not have the menas to pay huge fees for trainings that Will guide them to the top, William Amamoo ( Black panther) the 7 Times Award wining goalkeeper is giving you the opportunity to come and train 2 Times a week in Falun. In all, we are admitting 20 Goalkeeper Into our training programmes. 1. Techic , 2. Power , flexibility, späns and positioning. With a 1000 SEK a month, and 8 Times a monthes trainings, 2 hours every sections, you are guaranteed a well diserved goalkeepikg training.. call 0705560904 for more informations.

William Amamoo saves in the Egypt premier Premier League.

Egypt Premier League

Amamoo silber medal wining saves at the Egyptian cup Alexandria.

William Amamoo saves in the Romanian League.

Black panther Amamoo save in the Romanian legue.

William Amamoo saves in Bulgarian Premier League.

Black Pabther saves in the Bulgarian premier League.

If you are interested in our services to prepare your goalkeepers please dont hesitate to contact us. And we will be glad to do so. We train both male and female goalkeepers.

Our third bransch of the goalkeeping school will open soon in Norway. Contact us for details.

Both male and female goalkeepers are welcomed to register with our Norway bransch of the goalkeeper school.. Every year we will invite one of the well known goalkeepers or players in Europe to interact with our goalkeepers and autographs signed.

Dario Bonetti. The former Serie A top defender will be one of the coaches to visit our goalkeeper school in Norway. Dario as a coach won the Romanian cup and super cup with Dinamo Bucharest . And qualified zambias siniour national team to the African cup of Nations. Read his cu below. Dario qualified with Dinamo to the UEFA CUP and was the coach during the tournament. Dario Bonetti (born 5 August 1961 in San Zeno Naviglio, Brescia, Italy) is an Italianfootball manager and former defender. He is the elder brother of  Ivano Bonetti.

Claudio Bozzini who is tge former inter milan and ravena goalkeeper will be one of the instructers of our goalkeeper school in Norway.. Bozzini like Dario was my goalkeeper trainer in the Hungarian premier league also in Romania and Sweden. Claudio has a UEFA A -PRO for goalkeepers and outfield players ans he has won the Romanian cup and super cup with Dinamo Bucharest. He was also the goalkeeper trainer for the Zambian National team fc Dandy scotland Liberty oradea, fc Sopron, mm. With Claudio infon two best goalkeeper Award in two different countries. Claudio was also the goalkeeper trainer of the Italian under 17 national team and part of Romas scout for tallent in the United state.

Former Rosenborg midfielder Anthony ANNAN who was my colleague at the Ghana National team also one of my best friends will be visiting our goalkeeper school to sign some autographs and interact with our goalkeepers.

All our trainings will be recorded and our goalkeepers will have the opportunity to get a coppy after every term or month.