Tge panther goalkeeper and player challenge.

In 2018 july we are bringing this competition to Norway and speccifically Trondheim. Goalkeepers compeeting against players on freekicks outside the box. And goalkeepers compeetibg against each other. The panther battle. It will be a competition that as many that will like to register and participate are allowed. The winner wins a golden ball trophy the runner up a mini golden ball and the third a mini golfen ball. This will be in two categories the males competition and the females. This competition will be held annually and will be played on panther tv. On my website. All participants will also take home a recordef video of the competition and prior to the competition, they will be on panther tv live to talk about themselves and the competition. For more information on the competition, kindly use our contact box and mail us.

This is how the panther battle will look like. For the goalkeepers only.