About after school clubs.

PANTHER After School Clubs offers parents the opportunity to work extra hours or attend to other immergency needs while your child gets the opportunity to learn new skills, have fun and get active in a safe and fun environment for two hours straight after school, which means parents can organise pick up two hours later than usual!

We deliver a full range of activities which are chosen between panther and your school. These activities will be sent out to you via communication from your school. PANTHER Academy Will pick up your Child from school with a register which the Child Will sign when they arrive at the after school activities and sign when the parents pick them up after work. Before the activities starts we gather in s room to help the kids who need help to do their home work, before eating mellanmål. After the mellanmål, de dö a football quize in a grupp for 15 minutes then we go out to play. We will have a register with the name of the child how many Children from same school and mobile numbers of their parents. Children from age 4 to 16 and we Will wait for every child to gather at their school and we Will call a register to ensure all the kids are there, before we go together to the after school activities. Parents Will send text messages to the PANTHER FOTBOLL School if their child is either sick or willl be absent, so that we that we Will know. If a parent forget to send a message, de Will call the parents to verify if the child is home sick or the parents know their whereabout. We will have allot of instructors, to take them to the field. Parents who wishes to bring their Children themselves are also welcomed to do so. On every school vacations, we Will organize a Camp where the parents can bring their kids and pick them up later while we teach them football or have fun together thriugh motions.
För more info in Falun or Härnösand, call 0705560904 or mail to pmproductions.se@yahoo.com


En metod som fokuserar på att utveckla den enskilda spelarens tekniska färdigheter, både individuellt och i kombination med sina medspelare.

Metoden vänder sig framför allt till spelare i dom yngre åldrarna 5-16 år oavsett kunskapsnivå, och för deras föräldrar, tränare och lärare.

"We want to develop SKILLED, CONFIDENT, CREATIVE players

who combine well with team mates
have the SKILLS to go alone (1v1)"
Utveckla dina färdigheter oavsett nivå och kunskap

Lär dig färdigheterna som världens bästa spelare gör

Bli smartare både med och utan boll

Ha roligt med fotbollen oavsett kunskapsnivå

Parent benefits

En professionell, rolig och utvecklande utbildningsmiljö för ditt barnEn tydlig utvecklingskurva för barnets färdigheter


2 - 4 dagars fotbollskolor under skollov innehållande alla aspekter av "Pyramid of Player Development". 


Veckoskolor som är öppna för alla oavsett klubbtillhörighet eller kunskap

PANTHER First Skills

First Skills riktar sig till de yngsta spelarna. Vi genomföra tränarutbildningar och Weeklyschools för dessa

PANTHER programsJust 4 Girls

Aktiviteter som vänder sig till flickor. Kan vara en camp eller en Skillsday med er förening eller lag.

The panther goalkeeper and player challenge.

In 2018 july we are bringing this competition to Norway and speccifically Trondheim. Goalkeepers compeeting against players on freekicks outside the box. And goalkeepers compeetibg against each other. The panther battle. It will be a competition that as many that will like to register and participate are allowed. The winner wins a golden ball trophy the runner up a mini golden ball and the third a mini golfen ball. This will be in two categories the males competition and the females. This competition will be held annually and will be played on panther tv. On my website. All participants will also take home a recordef video of the competition and prior to the competition, they will be on panther tv live to talk about themselves and the competition. For more information on the competition, kindly use our contact box and mail us.

This is how the panther battle will look like. For the goalkeepers only.